Angry Birds Revisted

Last February, I had the opportunity to travel with five student representatives of the UNC Pembroke Student Government Association to the Conference on Student Government Association, or COSGA, on the campus of Texas A&M University. The conference focused largely on the idea of “Moving from Passion to Action” – taking initial ideas and moving them to an end product, all the while maintaining enthusiasm for the project at hand. As the spring semester begins for many, I thought it appropriate to revisit this post. Note: you can view the presentation at the end of this post.

Having my first conference presentation accepted was a great feeling, even if it was for a smaller niche conference – a presentation is still a presentation. However, then reality set in. How could I make this proposal something palatable for fellow advisors?

The answer came simply and quickly – make it fun.

I think that’s real message behind this post and the presentation itself. In fact, it is something I strive for in everything I do. If it’s not fun to some degree, if you get no enjoyment out of it, then chances are neither will anyone else. Granted, there are times in the things we do when humor and excitement aren’t really smiled upon – and that’s okay.

Just enjoy what you do and have fun doing it.

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