Update to “Off and Running”

So, when I began my blog back in October, I started off by following one of the prompts given to the students of the Leadership Living Learning Community at UNC Pembroke, which was to set two S.M.A.R.T goals. Since I have a little time, and am in the blogging mood, I thought I’d give a little update on my progress with mine.

GOAL #1-finish three books that I have started by the end of the year

I cannot tell a lie – not doing so hot here. I find myself having the desire to read and even taking the time to do so, but I also find myself often falling into the “what else can I be doing” trap. I’ve nearly finished one book that I had previously started. The remaining two books, while pretty far along prior to the goal being set, haven’t been touched.

GOAL #2-run four 5k’s before the end of the year

Unlike goal #1, I feel as if I am making more progress with this goal. While my training regimen is not exactly to the level I had hoped, I am chipping away at the overall goal. I did, in fact, run a 5K in October, running the Leave It To Beaver 5K on the UNCP campus.. My finish time is unknown for that particular race, but I did finish. Most recently, I completed the Run With The Hawk 5K last Wednesday, again on the UNCP campus, with a finish time of almost 30 minutes even. Not my best, but I’m out there and still running. To knock out this overall goal, I still need to complete two more races by the end of the year – both of which I have identified.

Like I said in the original post – while I believe in DWYSYWD, sometimes I falter and miss the mark. Personally, i will not be satisfied with missing the mark on these goals. Acknowledging where one stands in relation to their goals is a great opportunity for evaluation and progress. This post serves as mine.

Enjoy the journey.

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